Things are changing – We have moved to Facebook.
Here at SafeHaven@TalbotLane there are changes coming to the way we serve our digital followers.

That’s cool, things change rapidly in the digital world, so… What changes are coming?

Over the last 3 years SafeHaven@TalbotLane has dedicated itself to serving the people of Rotherham, and we will continue to do so, so no changes there. The changes are about our digital presence. The website will no longer host our blog, instead it’s moving to Facebook.

But Why?

To save you (the reader) the hassle and frustration of having to open Twitter or Facebook, then click a link to the blog information here, we have decided to make this process more user-friendly and a lot faster. So, instead, we are moving to Facebook, to keep all of the blog articles in one place.

But what will happen to the old blog on the website?

We will still have the articles here until next October for you to read, and all the new articles will be posted on facebook for you to read. Eventually however, as these website blog entries start to gather dust, they will disappear forever into the ether.

What happens now?

You are invited to join our facebook group.

Click here to view our archived blog.